Make good use of the “Party building plus” model to boost rural revitalization

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In the period of comprehensive implementation of the rural revitalization strategy, rural areas should closely combine reality, make scientific plans, actively innovate, comprehensively apply the “Party building +” thinking, strengthen the leading role of party building, and make every effort to promote rural revitalization.Party building + “team”, improve organizational force.Can win the battle, the key depends on the team is not strong.The village party branch should adhere to the focus on improving organizational strength, further strengthen the rural grassroots party organization, and choose the best and match the strong “leader wild goose”.Optimize the average age and education structure of party branch members, improve the entrepreneurial passion and sense of responsibility of village party branch team members.We will step up efforts to develop outstanding young Party members, attract a number of people who are skilled at getting rich, entrepreneurs from overseas, and veterans to return to their hometowns to start businesses, support the development of their hometowns, and build a community-level Party building team with strong organization, knowledge of agriculture, love for rural areas, and love for farmers, so as to boost rural revitalization.Party building + “autonomy” to strengthen support.The main body of rural revitalization construction is the villagers, and the fruits of rural revitalization are shared by the villagers.While adhering to the guidance of Party building, we will give full play to villagers’ self-governance and encourage more villagers to take an active part in rural revitalization.For example, the village charity Association has been set up to help people from poor families in the village, visit left-behind children and the elderly, and provide financial assistance to students, which has greatly promoted harmony and friendship in the village.Land acquisition council shall be established during project construction;The preparation council was established when the village history Museum was prepared;The establishment of family associations by Chinese people living abroad shows that villagers actively respond to the Policies of the Party and the state, build their own villages, take the road of good rural governance, strengthen the leading and supporting force of Party building, and boost rural revitalization.Party construction + “project”, improve security.In order to further promote the development of rural industries, improve public infrastructure, improve the villagers’ happiness index, adhere to the guidance of party construction, combined with the reality of the village, actively declare the implementation of the project.Actively explore industrial cooperation projects of “enterprise + village collective” to increase village collective income.Free public toilets, leisure parks, sports squares, activity centers, parking lots, sewage treatment and other public infrastructure will be built to improve the well-being of villagers.Rural tourism is taking shape, and public infrastructure is improving. This will further boost villagers’ confidence and happiness in development, increase their security capacity, and boost rural revitalization.Party building + “ecology”, radiate new vitality.In line with the important belief that lucidwaters and lush mountains are invaluable assets and that ecological livable features are invaluable, we will bring rural ecological protection and improvement of the rural living environment under the guidance of party building.Make full use of, group, village LED display screen, village broadcast, weitian propaganda leaflets, household propaganda, field inspection and other ways to promote the prohibition of indiscriminate felling, prohibit the use of fire in the field.We have actively responded to and participated in the improvement of rural living environment, formed a long-term mechanism for protecting the living environment, beautify the environment, significantly improved the living environment, replanned and utilized land plots, and truly demonstrated the appearance of an ecologically livable village, invigorated the whole village with new vitality and boosted rural revitalization.                                                                                                                                                                                                        Party building + “planning”, stimulate endogenous force.We will adhere to the guiding principle of Party building and the priority of planning, use planning to guide action, and promote the development of all undertakings in an orderly manner.We will formulate clear plans for rural revitalization, project development, improvement of the living environment, village planning, ecological protection, and industrial development, so as to set a clear target for village development and prevent villages from running into each other like headless chickens.A clear plan can help villagers have a more systematic understanding of the development of the village, support and participate in the construction of their hometown more actively, and the officers of the village “two committees” will have more direction, more confidence and courage, thus stimulating the endogenous force of rural development and boosting rural revitalization.Only by strengthening the leading role of grassroots party construction can rural development have a clear direction, advance in an orderly manner and reduce unnecessary detdetments.When implementing the rural vitalization strategy, we should combine our own characteristics, explore, innovate, and summarize, learn and make good use of the “Party building plus” model, further strengthen the leading role of Party building, and give full impetus to rural vitalization.Source/author: Longyan City Wudong Town government Cui Longping statement: copyright belongs to the original, reprint this article is for the purpose of passing more information.If there is a source marked wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact this network, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.