High school entrance examination preparation excellent exercises show

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Excellent Exercises to show the bloom of more than flowers, a success, a smile, a friendship…Every time in life ready for brewing will always usher in bloom;A great wish for success, an unexpressed gratitude, a little secret all your own…The most precious things in life are always hidden in the deepest part of the heart.Some things, hidden is good;Something, in that moment, blossomed.Please write an essay of at least 600 words on either of the following two topics.(35 points, including writing points 5 points) Topic 1: Blossom at that moment Topic 2: Hidden in the bottom of my heart② Avoid real names of people, places and schools;③ Writing standard, roll clean;④ If you choose topic 2, please be sure to complete the topic first.If someone asks me what my favorite hobby is, I will answer without hesitation: playing basketball!Basketball is so fascinating!When breaking through, can reveal your brave and wisdom, when casting blue, can shine your natural and easy with perfect, a solitary line, contend for again and again, still have that smelly sweat and wild, it is the best interpretation to youth.When the junior two school team was selected, the teacher said THAT I was born to play basketball material, 1.83 height, strong physique, agility.Entering the school team, I seem to have a glory, life seems to have a new dream.However, in an inter-school competition soon, did a substitute, I just know their pale and powerless.A foul block, a missed pass, and even a missed shot. That time I was ashamed and began to doubt my basketball genius.If failure is the mother of success, then frustration is the best coach.I learned that if I want to be the king on the basketball court, I have to work hard.In addition to the training arranged by the school team after two classes in the afternoon every day, I also made a semester training plan for myself: running in the morning to strengthen my physical fitness, arriving at school half an hour earlier at noon to practice shooting basketball, and watching NBA games once a month.One semester into the plan, the opportunity came!In the new intercollegiate rivalry, we entered the championship game, and from the beginning of the game, the score was always tight.In the last few minutes of the second half, our team was up by two points. One more goal and we would have been the champions.At this point, the ball to our hands, it will be steady drag time;The ball to the other side’s hands, they desperately block not to let the other side shot.The last less than 1 minute, teammates grabbed the blue cricket, a long pass, firmly fell into my hands, I grasp the ball with both hands, turn around, jump, the blue ball in the air to draw a beautiful arc, “swish” sound, a beautiful hollow ball completed, the audience immediately broke out a warm cheer.At that moment, my heart blossomed into a beautiful flower.Galaxy, stars, look up, that moment I proved myself, that moment I was the dazzling star.Follow the public account, enjoy more beautiful articles.