“Year just over, I screened the cousin” there is a kind of relatives should be broken off, do not leave affection

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01 The arrival of the New Year, in the light of the joy and always slightly troubled.Not only do they have to deal with all kinds of questions from relatives, but they also have to be careful about the conversation between relatives.Seemingly lively meeting, in fact, easy to surging tide.The heroine of the next case, at the New Year’s party, cleaned up the evil relatives.Jiang Ting is 33 years old this year. She is a good worker and earns six figures a year.The only fly in the ointment is that it’s still single.Jiang Ting was born in the suburbs of a third-tier city, the family conditions are ordinary.So she studied hard from an early age and wanted to go to the big city.She performed steadily in the college entrance examination and was admitted to a first-class university in Shanghai. After graduation, she was admitted to another prestigious graduate school.Such a high degree helped her find a good job in Shanghai after she graduated with a master’s degree.Hardworking Jiangting also spent two years to get certified public accountant.Getting this certificate, combined with her bachelor’s degree and master’s degree, has improved her salary in the workplace.It also gives her an advantage when she jumps ship in the future.Parents in the hometown are proud of this daughter, not only let them have light in the face of the unit, but also in front of relatives unlimited scenery.Because the children of other relatives in the home to read are not good, a few are only specialized subject, there are repeated read a year just took an examination of an ordinary 2.So the daughter not only has the highest education in the family, but also has the highest income after working.My daughter just graduated with an income of less than 10,000 yuan. After settling and job-hopping, her annual income can reach 800,000 yuan now.Such a salary makes parents dare not even think about it. They have been paid a death salary all their life, and it is difficult for them to buy a house.Daughter’s work achievements make them happy, but the daughter’s life event has been so that they remember.When Jiang graduated from graduate school, her parents often told her to keep an eye out for suitable boys and to try if there were one.But Jiang Ting wants to steady career, no idea to waste energy to fall in love.She told her parents that if she wanted to stay in Shanghai without background, she would have to rely on her strength and dare to fight.If you are full of romance, your career will be delayed.The result daughter’s career is not delayed, but the woman’s youth is limited, or have to grasp ah.See daughter have no idea to look for an object, the old couple secretly secretly look for a daughter.The couple had a friend’s son who graduated from a prestigious university.Settled in Nanjing to buy a house, the work is stable.Only record of formal schooling is undergraduate course, did not read graduate school.The parents felt that their daughter was nearly 30 and this condition was not bad, so they explained the situation to their daughter.If the daughter agrees with the boy to go to Shanghai to find Jiang Ting, he is willing to contact.But when Jiang Ting hears boy’s academic record only undergraduate course, actually already did not consider.She talked to her parents about the gap between their education background and the place she would settle down in the future is Shanghai. She was not used to staying in other cities.In this way, the two things can only give up.Later the couple found two more for their daughter, but her daughter vetoed them.Jiang ting’s mother was a little unhappy and often complained at home, “Lao Jiang, look at her being so picky.This also not good that also not line, all 30, more drag more difficult to find!”Jiangting father also scowling do not speak, a woman again excellent also want to marry a good family just calculate complete ah.He decided to talk to his daughter.Originally want to let daughter do not pick again, but the daughter is not a meeting is on business, also did not find the opportunity.So drag, daughter this year are 33.All the other girls in the family had families. The youngest cousin got married two years after graduation, leaving Jiangting alone.Other relatives looked at Jiang Ting into the old leftover female, also be a good out of evil spirit.A few years ago looked at jiangting parents unlimited scenery, are jealous of not.It’s a lot easier now to see her daughter never get married.Especially a cousin of Jiang Ting, the cousin who works in a big company in Shanghai is extremely jealous.Her education is mediocre, can only stay in the local factory as a worker, her husband is also a worker.The family’s salary can only cover the bare necessities.But Jiang Ting’s annual salary has 800 thousand however, there is hope to buy a house in Shanghai in the future, but she is still struggling on the subsistence line.Her heart is more and more unbalanced, and Jiang Ting 33 still did not have a serious object can let her find a breakthrough.Nothing at home to say that this cousin later to die alone, immediately rushed 40 haven’t married, and then drag no one to.Also said leftover women are eccentric temper, career strong women will affect their husband’s career luck.Not only with family and colleagues, but also with relatives.Several times, these gossip was jiang Ting parents know.Baby daughter by relatives behind such bad words, gas of the father’s blood pressure up.Far away in Shanghai jiang Ting know father was gas down, and carefully asked the reason, this just know is the original cousin behind her bad words.She would have thought nothing of it, but it made her father angry, and that was the last straw.This year, she bought a lot of high-end cigarettes and alcohol to bring to her father, and ordered a big table of meals at a local high-end hotel, inviting relatives to get together.When having a meal, looking at the abalone lobster on the table, relatives praise Jiang Ting has the ability.Jiang Ting can not speak, only in the heart sneer.Then he said, “Oh, it’s not easy to make money from work.In our company although I am the vice president, but a group of little girls are not convinced, said I am old leftover female, said I am eccentric.Think I don’t know if I whisper about someone else behind my back?”Said meaningfully looked at her cousin, scared cousin quickly shifted the line of sight.”As a result, these girls have trouble buying a good bag and have to calculate the price of a takeaway,” jiang added.If you don’t make some money to improve your standard of living, you can make time to gossip.Really salty eat radish light worry, cut……”At that point, everyone knows to whom these words are addressed.Cousin and her parents face is very ugly, has been a straight face do not talk, and Jiangting like a bad spirit, a drink before the red wine……After returning to Shanghai, she blocked all her cousin’s contact information.”I blocked my cousin as soon as the New Year was over.Some relatives have to leave before they can.”In the case of Jiang Ting, she finally detested her malicious cousin and gave herself and her father out of anger.This also teaches us two things to understand when dealing with bad relatives.02 one: Stay away from those relationships that will hurt us.Throughout our long lives, we will meet all kinds of people.Changing roles, complicated relationships.In fact, we are all experiencing and feeling it.Some of these relationships can be long, while others can be as short as a one-off.And the measure of relationship longevity is actually very simple, that is, how comfortable you are in these relationships.Comfortable relationships make you want to maintain and get close.Uncomfortable relationships can make you sad and even hurt.The funny thing is, sometimes strangers will be happy for you, while relatives and friends can’t tolerate your achievements and progress.Like the case of Jiang Ting, attack her old leftover female, with mistaken information is her relatives.Those gossip undoubtedly brought great harm to Jiang Ting.It’s not just reputational damage, it’s psychological damage.She also fully understands that even family members will find opportunities to hurt you because of human nature.The best way to deal with this is to stay away from them, even if you have a personal connection.You have to understand that by the time she chose to hurt you, there was nothing left but hostility between you.After the age of 20:30, we should learn to “indifferent”.The ancients said, “Stand at 30 and be no more confused at 40.”A qualified adult should be able to make initial progress in his career at the age of thirty.This requires a cool head and a mature personality.But also to look at the relationship between people more clearly.At this point you have a certain life experience, social experience.Faded green represents steady, represents the thinking of more open-minded.Since you can’t change the people and the environment around you.Why don’t you open your mind and forget about it?For those who have hurt you, and those who have misunderstood you.Holding grudges is not the best solution.Because at this time, we have to bear too much pressure.Don’t let yourself get sucked into all these negative relationships.Learn to be indifferent, life will inevitably have trouble.The more we grow up, the more we will find the cool and thin human nature.Instead, we should focus all our energy on ourselves.One day, we’ll all understand.Other relationships are not that important.Article/no pen