The 35-year-old has been a police officer for 10 years and is called “the most handsome old police officer” by the local people.

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He took off his military uniform and put on the police uniform. In the past 10 years, he has always been rooted in the grassroots police station. He is not only a police officer handling cases, but also a part-time instructor in the public security system.Is “the county excellent police office police”, “the city’s excellent technician”, “the city’s excellent investigator”, “the national public security system excellent instructor”, won the “third-class merit, second-class merit……..More than 20 certificates and MEDALS, big and small.”He is The Luonan County Public Security Bureau ancient city police station police Wang Zhenquan, 10 years as a day to serve the people, rooted in the grassroots, silently fulfilling their mission.On January 20, 2022, Wang Zhenquan was selected as the candidate of “Shangluo Good Man” in the fourth quarter of 2021 by the Civilization Office of Shangluo Municipal Party Committee.Wang Zhenquan, 35 years old, has worked for 10 years in the ancient city police station of Luonan County Public Security Bureau. More than 10 years ago, holding the dream of childhood, enthusiastically joined the army, holding a steel gun, defending the country, dedicated his youth for the national defense of the motherland.He retired from the army in 2012 and returned to uniform.”When I was a child, I always felt that a touch of green, always so eye-catching, so I was determined to sign up for the army when I grew up.When I really become a soldier, that moment I found that a touch of green shoulder responsibility.Since then, I have always told myself to always hold on to my dream and make the most of my little light.”Wang zhenquan said.The soldiers of the iron yingpan flowing water, although honorably retired, but Wang Zhenquan did not forget his dream.Take off your uniform and put on your uniform, and stick to your original dream.Wang Zhenquan believes that both soldiers and policemen serve the masses.So he sticks to this for 10 years at the grassroots level, unknown to the public, without complaints, do their own work wholeheartedly, do a good job for the people.The work of grassroots police stations is tedious and complicated. Wang Zhenquan is not only a police officer handling cases, but also a police officer in the responsible area. In his usual work, he faces most people, not criminals.To him, the work place is the home, work must have “temperature”, “home” can be warm and harmonious.In his 10 years as a police officer, Wang Zhenquan has brushed past death for many times and helped college students out of trouble with great love and selflessness.In March 2019, Wang Zhenquan received a report that a rented house near Xinhua Middle School in Gucheng town was on fire, with freshly filled gas canisters inside!Warning is the command, Wang Zhenquan ignored just good meal, and colleagues immediately rushed to the scene, did not forget to borrow a few fire extinguishers in roadside stores.After arriving at the scene, Wang Zhenquan found the fire in a rented room on the second floor, there was a large bottle of liquefied gas tank in the fire room, the tenant was not at home, the owner did not have a spare key, the unknown danger seriously threatened the lives and property safety of dozens of people.In order to prevent accidents, zhen-quan wang immediately evacuate the crowd, decisive use tool to break open the door, regardless of personal safety cover your nose and mouth into the room, quickly use the fire extinguisher, due to the room smoke is too great, in every time is held her breath, can only stay for a few seconds at a time, in a tone and hurriedly inside, so many times to put the fire out.Afterwards, Wang zhenquan’s wife asked him, “Were you not afraid when you knew there were gas canisters in the house?”Wang Zhenquan said: Afraid!But afraid also have to go up, I am a police, so many people place their hopes on me, I can’t let them down!Zhen-quan wang told reporters that once in the countryside, he accidentally learned that jurisdiction is a young wang mou in xi ‘an jiaotong university sophomore in, but a very poor family, even with high honors scholarship, coupled with financial aid and a series of good government policy can maintain basic school costs, but this is really troubled home life has no other source of income is very poor.When Wang Zhenquan see Wang mou tall tall head and black thin image, feel distressed for him, this sensible child in countless night reading days will often be hungry?See Wang introverted silence, Wang Zhenquan and like a big brother can not help but worry about him.Back home Wang Zhenquan let his wife to help him prepare some clothes suitable for Wang, and buy rice and oil and other living materials to visit wang home and encourage Wang.Wang Zhenquan also launched the family, the use of limited interpersonal resources to actively contact some enthusiastic enterprises and people to fund Wang mou.After contact, Xi ‘an Shengtu Logistics Co., Ltd. said that although their enterprise is small, but willing to contribute 5,000 yuan to help Wang as his living expenses for a semester.When Wang Zhenquan and his wife told wang and his father the good news, Wang breathed a sigh of relief and showed a rare smile.Wang Zhenquan gave Wang mou “who no storm strength rain, keep the clouds open to see the moon” sentence, encourage him to always be full of confidence in life, difficulties will pass, the future is bright, and told him to work hard at the same time to take good care of themselves.Colleagues of the good brother leadership of the good assistant Wang Zhenquan ten years from the police, like too many similar things, in the ancient city police station area, many people know him, and we gave Wang Zhenquan a nickname “the most handsome old police.”He is still very young, but on the job he is a strong business ability, work experience enough of the old police, but where the masses for help, he can be without hesitation, do their best to do practical things for the masses.Chen Jian, one of Wang zhenquan’s colleagues, said that Wang gave him the biggest impression that he was serious and responsible in work, united colleagues, positive and ambitious, and achieved remarkable results.To help new comrades with point – to – point patient guidance.Lu Junjie, another of his colleagues, told the reporter that Wang Zhenquan has strong professional ability, and in the process of work, he is hard-working, serious and responsible, good at finding problems, can timely help colleagues to solve problems, is a good example for colleagues, good assistant of leaders, in life, is everyone’s good brother.Although Wang Zhenquan has been working for 10 years now, he can treat everyone honestly, get along with them harmoniously, care for each other and guide everyone to be positive.Luonan County public Security Bureau ancient city police station director Ren Hongliang told reporters that Wang Zhenquan took off his military uniform for police uniform, frank and honest, work on the board, meticulous work, in the police station to be able to do party member demonstration leading, proficient in business skills, give full play to the role of the instructor function, become a model for all the police.Wang Zhenquan told reporters that he just did what he should do, in the future work, will guard against arrogance, continue to serve the masses in ordinary posts, defend the dignity of the law.Luo Nan the police took off his uniform for police uniform, rooted in the grass roots for 10 years from the police Huachang Daily reporter Cheng Juan editor Xue Chuangyu