Yantai property market, strong in the east and weak in the west, continuous decline for half a year, 60,000 sets of inventory where to go

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Keywords: -2.2%, continuous decline, 60,000 inventory, 7.1 million population.As a beautiful coastal city in Shandong province, Yantai has a good geographical location, beautiful scenery and appropriate housing prices, which have long attracted buyers from other places to buy property.It has a population of 7.1 million and a GDP of 871.1 billion yuan.It is because of a variety of advantages, so that the property market in Yantai was fried tenants fry high, under the control of housing prices, there are 30 thousand buyers quilt, it can be said that it is terrible to see.So, what is the current situation of yantai property market?According to anjuke data, the current average price of second-hand houses sold is 9,968 yuan/ping, down 2.2%, has fallen below the 10,000 yuan mark.Specific districts and counties: Laishan, 12421 yuan/ping, down 1.47%.Zhifu, 11,742 yuan/ping, down 1.6%.Fukuyama, 9,343 yuan/ping, down 2.4 percent.Muping, 7386 yuan/ping, up 0.86%.Longkou, 4759 yuan/ping, down 2.3%.Haiyang, 4735 yuan/ping, down 0.85%.Penglai, 7717 yuan/ping, up 0.16%.Laiyang, 7050 yuan/ping, down 4.5%.Laizhou, 6340 yuan/ping, down 1.3%.Qixia, 4516 yuan/ping, down 3.5%.Zhaoyuan, 7,933 yuan/ping, down 2.7%.Long Island, 7,841 yuan/ping, down 2.1%.From the housing price trend chart, yantai’s property market in the past year is the general situation, starting from March, decline, and then to May, June to rebound a little.Since then, from July, all the way down, until today, has not seen the bottom, it can be described as extreme downturn.In terms of the distribution of housing prices in districts and counties, only 2 districts and counties saw a rise in housing prices, while the rest showed varying degrees of decline.Among them, the biggest drop laiyang, Qixia, drop more than 3%.According to the regional distribution of high and low housing prices, the housing price in the eastern region is high while that in the western region is low, showing a situation of strong east and weak west.So, why yantai’s property market so poor situation?There are three main points;1. Large inventory.According to shell network information, Yantai in the sale of second-hand housing listing up to 55,000 sets.Including data from leyoujia, Anjuke and other platforms, there are at least more than 60,000 units in stock.The stock of 60,000 units is large, especially with the current low trading volume, it will take a long time to consume the inventory.And the continuous construction of new buildings, especially large housing enterprises discount promotion, also impact on the consumption of these second-hand houses.Therefore, the future of yantai property market is, oversupply.2. Housing price regulation.The whole country is facing adjustment, housing is not speculation is always the keynote, housing price regulation around this theme.The news woke up a lot of home buyers, especially tenants, let them know that the past closed their eyes to buy a rich era, has gone forever.Yantai is also affected by this.In addition, Yantai is a tourist city, more migrant population, in the housing price control, a lot of speculation tenants buyers began to retreat, resulting in a continuous downturn in the property market, a continuous decline for half a year.3. Impact of the epidemic.The impact of the pandemic.At present, the epidemic is still not completely dissipated, many enterprises are affected, difficult to start, the operation is trapped, then, the common people are also affected, their income is less, everyone is working hard for life.Where is the money to buy or speculate?This year, Yantai’s GDP grew in nominal terms, but declined a lot compared with the same period last year. In addition, prices rose, materials rose, especially mining aluminum. Basically, it can be said that people’s purchasing power did not increase, but decreased.Therefore, the epidemic is affecting economic development, and economic development is also affecting the development of the property market.They both rise and fall together.In summary, is the yantai property market continues to slump.In the future, supply exceeds demand and housing price control continues to tighten, buyers need to provide caution to prevent being trapped.About Yantai property market, what view is everybody?Welcome to leave a message, this is the old north room.