Workers whose bosses owe wages should protect their rights according to law

2022-04-24 0 By

The Hotline of The Evening News recently received calls from migrant workers, who reported that their employers did not pay them full wages as agreed or delayed their wages for various reasons.They want to know, if encounter this kind of situation, how should laborer protect rights legally through correct channel, rational safeguard rights?At this point, the reporter contacted the city human resources social security Bureau labor security supervision team related staff.It is understood that in recent years, in order to eradicate the phenomenon of unpaid wages, the city has expanded the channels for complaints through a variety of ways, resolutely investigated and exposed typical cases of illegal crimes such as refusing to pay labor remuneration and illegally demanding wages, and effectively protected the legitimate rights and interests of workers.Complain to the labor supervision department of the jurisdiction when the legitimate rights and interests of the labor security of the laborer is infringed, can to the labor security supervision orgnization of the area under the jurisdiction of the employment to report complaints;When the wages are in arrears, report and complain to the labor security supervision department of the area where the workers are located in the first time, or scan the two-dimensional code of workers’ rights posted on the construction site to complain.At the same time, it is also the key to properly keep relevant evidence materials, evidence materials include the name of the project, the name of the construction enterprise, the name of the person in charge of the project (labor service) and the contact number, as well as the labor contract, job card, settlement sheet, ious for wages, entry card, attendance sheet, etc.We should adopt the right way and method to protect the rights of general wage arrears cases, and we should prepare the relevant basis for wage arrears and directly complain to the local labor security supervision agency.In the field of engineering construction, cases of unpaid wages caused by affiliated contracting, illegal subcontracting, subcontracting, and payment arrears can be reported and complained to the competent departments of housing and urban construction, transportation, water conservancy and other engineering construction industries.Laborers should protect their rights rationally in accordance with the law, and the public security organs will punish those who take illegal means to pursue wages or ask for project funds in the name of unpaid wages in violation of public security management.Those suspected of committing a crime will be transferred to judicial organs for investigation of criminal responsibility.All levels labor inspects branch to inform against telephone to be encountered to involve violate the law to default laborer salary problem when, laborer can complain to all levels relevant branch in time.Contact information of labor Security Supervision Department of Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Xining City: (0971) 5132032;East district of the city :(0971) 8177511;Urban area :(0971) 6163883;West district :(0971) 6112667;Chengbei district :(0971) 5123982;Datong county :(0971) 2723314;Huangzhong district :(0971) 2237389;Huangyuan county :(0971) 2431390;Dongchuan industrial park :(0971) 8818963;Ganhe industrial park :(0971) 2291002;Nanchuan industrial park :(0971) 6512266/ (0971)6516798;Biological park :(0971) 5225622.The reporter eastern part