Blockbuster!Alibaba shares in Changxin storage

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Alibaba shares changxin storage parent company chumchia APP shows that recently, Ruili Integrated Circuit Co., Ltd. has undergone industrial and commercial changes, adding Alibaba (China) Network Technology Co., Ltd. and other shareholders.The company was founded in 2016 with zhao Lun as its legal representative and a registered capital of 48.576 billion yuan. Its business scope includes research and development, design, processing and sales of semiconductor integrated circuit chips, etc.Public information shows that Rui Force integration 100% holding Changxin Storage Technology Co., LTD.According to TrendForce, which released the 2020-2021 wafer throughput estimates of global memory vendors, the wafer throughput of Changxin Storage has continued to grow since the successful mass production of ITS DRAM chips in the fourth quarter of last year. Although the wafer throughput of Changxin Storage was only 10,000 chips per month in the first quarter of this year,However, with the further expansion of CHANGxin’s DRAM products on the client side, its capacity is also continuing to expand, and its chip quantity has rapidly increased to 45,000 pieces/month until the fourth quarter of this year.According to TrendForce’s forecast, by the fourth quarter of 2021, Changxin storage’s chip throughput will reach 85,000 chips/month, which will successfully surpass Nanya Technology (71,000 chips/month), currently ranked fourth, and become the fourth largest DRAM chip manufacturer in the world, following Samsung, SK Hynix and Micron.Changxin storage revenue growth 5 times!The revenue of Lianbao Electronics exceeded 120 billion yuan, the revenue of Changxin Storage increased by 5 times, NiO Automobile produced and sold nearly 100,000 units, and Crystal Cluster became one of the top 10 wafer foundry companies in the world…At the first meeting of the 17th Hefei People’s Congress, Luo Yunfeng, mayor of Hefei, delivered a government work report, pointing out that industrial upgrading of Hefei will achieve new breakthroughs in 2021;In the next five years, Hefei will strive to build itself into a famous industrial city and take the lead in the national modern industrial system construction.In 2021, hefei’s industrial upgrading will be particularly fruitful.By deepening and implementing the “chain length system”, Hefei leads the country in the comprehensive strength of new-type display industry.We vigorously promoted the “double recruitment and double introduction”, and a large number of high-quality projects were launched, started and constructed. Oufeiguang and Peidun were put into production, Volkswagen Anhui, BYD and other 10 billion yuan projects were accelerated, and Xinqiao intelligent vehicle 100 billion yuan Industrial Park was fully launched.”Integrated circuit, new display and artificial intelligence have been listed in the first batch of national war new industrial clusters, and ‘Core screen steam combination’ and ‘Urgent Lifetime Wisdom’ have become phenomenon-level industrial landmarks.”Luo yunfeng said.To further boost capacity, Changxin storage plans to build two more DRAM fabs, according to industry sources.What do you think about this?END -5, 6,